Life Made New Under the Sun

October 4, 2012, Thursday afternoon
Blue Ridge Mountain Highway

What can be more than God’s creation?  What can reveal more to us about who we are?  There are seasons in our lives when we have to make a conscious effort to be reminded by Him of this.

Being quiet in the quiet of what He has created.  It

Sunset in the Blue Ridge Mountains
October 4, 2012, Thursday evening

isn’t really quiet.  He speaks very loudly in this quiet through the singing, chirping, buzzing of the insects and birds.  Through the changing of the seasons.  Through the rising and setting of the sun.

Sunrise in the Blue Ridge Mountains
October 5, 2012, Friday

The writer of Ecclesiastes said that there is nothing new under the sun.  But on the other hand, He (God through His Son Jesus Christ) makes all things new.  Over and over again.  From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same sun.  Over and over again.

A freshness with the rising and it’s a new day.  I thank Him for the new day.

Christmas Tree Farm, 2012
(among many)
In the Blue Ridge Mountains

It’s a new day!  It’s a new day!

Things will never be the same.

Everything will change.

We will never be the same.*

And we don’t have to be!

Things will change, we will be hurt and we will heal.  We will grieve and we will celebrate. We will experience sorry and then the joy will come in the morning at the dawn of the new day.  We will be ripped apart and we will be sewn back together again.

No, nothing is new under the sun, but everything is made new.

Paradigm shift.

Love and hate so closely related but love will win.

Read the Book of Revelation, love will win in the end.

Love to you and Blessings,

Until we meet again!



*This excerpt is taken from the David Crowder song “The Glory of it All”

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3 Responses to Life Made New Under the Sun

  1. God does make everything new (even when there appears that there is nothing new under the sun.) Thank you for sharing your thoughts at “Tell me a True Story.”

  2. Beautiful encouragement, EvieJo! Love this “No, nothing is new under the sun, but everything is made new.” So very true. Thanks for linking up today!

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