A Little Child Shall Lead Me

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

I awoke last night with this verse in my mind.  Well really just part of it.  “A little child shall lead them.”  Every time in the night that I roused, it would come to my thoughts again, “A little child shall lead them.”  I started to get out of bed at one time and start looking the verse up, I knew that it was in Isaiah, but I felt the Lord telling me to go ahead and continue my rest until normal get up time.  What’s funny though is that each time I would rouse and it would come to my mind, other parts of verses would come to my mind also and last night each time I reached a semi sleep/dream/awakening state I did not put together that all of the bits and pieces that were coming to mind were parts of the same verse.

When I was in my twenties, right after I was born-again, I started reading my Bible voraciously and one day I found this verse.  It has always amazed me, and then it especially intrigued me because I had seen artists’ depictions of it.  I never knew that it was really in the Bible until I discovered it on my own during that season of my life.

I knew that it was prophesying what was to come someday and just picturing it and thinking about it in my mind would give me such peace.

But then, as now, we live in a world filled with turmoil, war, political unrest.  Even in our country, there is unrest, dissatisfaction, fear of what is about to happen to our country and the government.  Christians are feeling less and less comfortable about expressing themselves and according to the news that I read, the persecution against Jews is starting to escalate again at alarming rates in Europe and Asia.  Many are saying that the Holocaust never existed.

To think of it….a flesh eating predator such as a wolf lying down peacefully with a baby sheep…an extremely large cat with claws that could tear me apart lying down in harmony with a baby goat…and the large fierce lion lying with the potential victims whom he usually eats…and then of all things, a little child leading them all?

Picturing it all in my mind’s eye does something to my heart.  It brings such a churning desire for the time that it is going to take place to get here.  I want it to get here now!

Could it be that when this enmity is no longer present on this earth, that no other enmity will be present?  That families will be reunited in the ways that God meant for them to be?

All I can say today is “Come quickly, Lord Jesus, come quickly!”  I am ready and waiting, today I don’t want to wait any longer because of the Father’s great promises.  This promise is only one of them.

And then I think of this verse, I thought of it several times during the night while I was in and out of sleep.

“Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

We are to become as a little child in order to enter…

“Except ye be converted, and become as little children”

“A little child shall lead them”

Hmmm…something to think about.

I won’t preach it, just ponder it.

“But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”  Luke 2:19

We don’t have to be old, seasoned, educated and mature to lead them.  We just have to be “as a child”.  What an “upside down God” He is!  This is meant as a compliment, a praise.  We in the world are still trying to line up the ways of the world with God’s ways.  It can’t be done.

I know now what this is saying to me.  What is it saying to you?

Love to you,

Blessings and Godspeed,


About Rhonda

Let me introduce myself to you who may not know who I am...I am an artist, writer, blogger, born again follower of Jesus Christ (I pursue Him on an ongoing basis with passion), I am a recovering codependent, survivor of childhood and adulthood domestic violence, an empty nester who still has a LOT of life to live and a LOT more places to go before I stop, the wife to Mr. John, mother, grandmother and I have a passion for being a part of the process of getting preschoolers ready for the rest of their lives! I have probably left something out but that's ok.
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4 Responses to A Little Child Shall Lead Me

  1. annambowman says:

    I was just thinking today how God always teaches me things through my children! Lord, make me more like them!

  2. Very thought-provoking… Thanks for sharing!

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