A Love Story for the Ages…Song of Solomon

love storyDo you love a really good and sappy love story?  I do.

I have always loved a really good story, especially if it is a tear jerker and tugs at my heart strings.  When I was a child, the story that I loved the most was Heidi, it was the story of an orphan girl who loved her grandpa and wanted to be with him, it was also a story of the love and the changes that the grandpa underwent as a result of his love for Heidi and desire for the companionship of his granddaughter.  Heidi is a love story, just not a romantic one.

As I grew older, I became more interested in romantic love stories.  Of course there were the classics, “Love Story”, “Gone With the Wind”, “An Affair to Remember”, “The Way We Were” and many more that have come and gone through the years.   It’s really hard to find a romantic love story in these times that doesn’t also contain its’ share of sexually oriented scenes but I am always on the lookout for one and when I find it I love to share it with my sweetheart, Mr. Joe.

One person who can really tell a compelling love story is Nicholas Sparks.  He is the author of several novels that have also been made into movies like…The Notebook, Message in a Bottle and now the newest one, Safe Haven, which I am interested in reading and possibly seeing.

Nicholas Sparks’ stories are mostly set in and around New Bern, North Carolina where my Mr. Joe grew up, so that is one of the first things that endeared his stories to me.  Also, in his stories there will usually be an initial introduction of the boy and girl, a little bit of bonding, a serious event will separate them and then after a time of maturing the boy and girl will be reunited and the love that was always there, but almost given up on, will be rekindled and become a “love story” for the ages.

Does this sound vaguely familiar?  It is to me, because it describes how my relationship with the Lover of my Soul has been in my own life.

Being reminded of my Love Story for the ages

Song of Solomon is where I have been dwelling for the last few days.  A beautiful book in the Old Testament.  One that is not very long but has taken a long time for me to come to an understanding of…

I have read the book many times and it has been a journey for me to come to an love story1understanding of what it means to me.

I have to say now that I LOVE this love story.

Through the years, I have heard many people speak of this book and call it the love story between Solomon and one of his wives, or the perfect guideline for the marital love relationship between husbands and wives.  This never made sense to me because although I will not examine the background of Solomon, today, or state my opinion, those of you who know the Bible know the basics.

It wasn’t until I was in Bible school and heard the opinion of my Old Testament Survey professor on the Song of Solomon that I started understanding that there are certain symbolic parts of the Bible that God has given me the freedom to interpret into what edifies and builds up my faith.  Song of Songs is one of those places.  At the same time, I had also become very interested and involved in listening to a lot of what I call “prophetic worship” music.  Music that is sung by anointed worshipers like Misty Edwards, Rick Pino, Kim Walker, Jesus Culture, etc. I was, myself becoming a “true worshipper”.  I was learning to lay all of the legalism that I had tried to take possession of through the years.  In all of their music, they weave in bits and pieces of the Song of Songs and those bits and pieces would really speak to me.

Looking at this Love Story through new eyes

Song of Solomon is written in what I call prose, almost like a play.  It is also written in dialogue, only, with several speaking parts that are clearly labeled as to who each speaking part belongs to.

One day I was compelled by the Holy Spirit, again, to read this book.  This time, through the compelling of the Holy Spirit, I separated out the parts and read the complete part of each speaker before moving to the next speaker.    First, I read all that the Shulamite woman had said, then the Daughters of Jerusalem, then the Brother’s/Relatives of the Shulamite woman.  I saved the best for last, the Beloveds’ words to the Shulamite woman.

At that time, I realized that I had read the most incredible love story that had ever been written.  A love story for the ages.  A story for every person on this earth who is in need of, who is desiring of Their Beloved.  It is the love story of the Lover of My Soul who is, was and will forever be in pursuit of me.  Now, every time I read it I am encouraged, refreshed and in understanding of just how much He has loved me through the ages and how much He still loves me!

I encourage you, do your own survey of this very wonderful, short book in the Old Testament.  Do it prayerfully, quietly and privately.  I hope that it ministers to you like it has to me.  I implore you, please do not give up on this book.

Here are a few of my favorite verses in this precious book:

Speaking of when I first knew him:

Like an apple tree among the trees of the woods,
So is my beloved among the sons.
I sat down in his shade with great delight,
And his fruit was sweet to my taste.

He brought me to the banqueting house,

And his banner over me was love.

Song of Solomon 2:3-4

Speaking of when I started understanding that he wants to know me intimately and that this is all that will ever truly satisfy me:

My beloved is mine, and I am his.


By night on my bed I sought the one I love


How He sees me:

Behold, you are fair, my love!
Behold, you are fair!


love story2Even when I isolate myself from Him He knows…still loves:

A garden enclosed
Is my sister, my spouse,
A spring shut up,
A fountain sealed.


When I realize that I have closed myself to Him and then pray for Him to remove the walls:

Awake, O north wind,

And come, O south!

Blow upon my garden,
That its spices may flow out.
Let my beloved come to his garden
And eat its pleasant fruits.


And on and on His dialogue to me and mine to Him…goes:

I sleep, but my heart is awake;
It is the voice of my beloved!
He knocks, saying,
“Open for me, my sister, my love,
My dove, my perfect one;
For my head is covered with dew,
My locks with the drops of the night.”


I am my beloved’s,
And his desire is toward me.


Set me as a seal upon your heart,
As a seal upon your arm;
For love is as strong as death,
Jealousy as cruel as the grave;[a]
Its flames are flames of fire,
A most vehement flame.

Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.


This is only a sampling of some of the verses that speak to me of how he loves me, how I long for Him and how His patience with, love for and desire for me is everlasting… Song of Solomon is definitely, without a doubt, our love story for the ages!

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Let me introduce myself to you who may not know who I am...I am an artist, writer, blogger, born again follower of Jesus Christ (I pursue Him on an ongoing basis with passion), I am a recovering codependent, survivor of childhood and adulthood domestic violence, an empty nester who still has a LOT of life to live and a LOT more places to go before I stop, the wife to Mr. John, mother, grandmother and I have a passion for being a part of the process of getting preschoolers ready for the rest of their lives! I have probably left something out but that's ok.
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8 Responses to A Love Story for the Ages…Song of Solomon

  1. Aww love all the mushiness of this post! Beautiful quotes, and will have to check out these books

  2. Sally Horton says:

    I enjoyed this and it is a good word!!!

    Love you!!!


  3. jedidja says:

    Beautiful words. Thank you so

  4. jerralea says:

    I must admit that Song of Solomon is a book that I have not delved into much. You shared some beautiful scriptures and I’m thinking I need to read it much more closely. Great post!

  5. EvieJo says:

    Hope you enjoy it like I have learned to when you do! Thank you and bless you! 🙂

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