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The next baby step…

God has been taking me on a journey with him for such a long time that I am finally understanding with my heart (not only my head) that there is purpose behind everything that happens.  Knowing this does not give me a … Continue reading

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Betrayal and Trust

Two different things… …and yet they walk hand in hand. Without trust there would never be a betrayal. One of the saddest things about betrayal is that it never comes from our enemies. Betrayal comes from those who we trust…our … Continue reading

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“All the Poor and Powerless”

God has been showing me a new kind of recorded worship music over the past few months. The music does not consist of the staged, rehearsed, perfect performances that have become so popular over the last several years, but has … Continue reading

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Do I know?

The mission agency that we completed a phase of training with has a motto: “To Know God and Make Him Known” I keep going back to this very simple phrase and looking at it because it is where God keeps … Continue reading

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A piece of my heart…

Just want to share my newest painting… I laid all of my painting aside for 2 years thinking that I would never go back to it, but during the training and “heart surgery” that we have been through the last … Continue reading

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ramblings, wonderings, while resting

Unpacking, making plans for our home as far as where to put things, where to hang things, resting, reconnecting with family and friends…we have had a busy week.  Amidst all of our activity, we are also still resting.  We will … Continue reading

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and so for now…Goodnight Moon….

…”a new life continuing where it has begun”… There is a children’s book by the name of Good Night, Moon.  It has been the favorite of a lot of young children who have passed through my life.  Some of the … Continue reading

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