Do I know?

know2The mission agency that we completed a phase of training with has a motto:

“To Know God and Make Him Known”

I keep going back to this very simple phrase and looking at it because it is where God keeps taking me.  How hard is it to “to know God and make Him know”?  You would think it would be very easy or maybe some would say very hard.

I have spent so much of my life thinking about God and His concepts.  I remember lying in bed at night as a very young child trying to fathom eternity and what it meant.  That there was no beginning to God, that He has always “been” and there is no end to Him.  And that there is no end to us, our bodies die but our souls never will, there will never be an end.  I would think about it over and over again and was never able to truly see what eternity meant.

It is a scientific fact that a baby learns the voice and heartbeat of it’s mother while it is inknow1 the womb.  She is the first human that it knows.  All of the people she interacts with whether they be good or bad interactions, the unborn child hears and learns those things, too.  When she (the mother) is fearful, angry, when excess alcohol or drugs or cigarette smoke travel through her body, they also travel through the body of that unborn child.

Psalm 139:1-18 tells us that even though our mothers were the first humans who we knew, that God  knew us first and I go further and say that if He knew us first, we had to have known Him even then.

That’s why I can remember hearing His voice speaking to me as a young child telling me that some of things that were happening to me even then were not supposed to be happening.  Even then, His voice was loud and clear to me although I did not realize who it belonged to in my own intellect.  I did not realize intellectually that it was Him, then, until many, many years later.

So do I know Him?  Yes, I know Him! He was the first one who I knew.

Do I choose to listen to Him?  Honestly, sometimes I try to drown Him out because I hear Him.  Place both hands over my ears and say in my heart as loud as I can “LA, LA, LA, LA!”, not once but over and over again.  Saying in my heart, “Ok, I’m tired of trying to be Mrs. Goody-Goody Two Shoes.”

I was reading My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers’ devotion for today (September 16) and it said some interesting things but the main thing that I want to mention is this quote, “Have no other motive than to know your Father in heaven”.    He also says in the same devotion in the beginning of a sentence that “Do not have as your motive the desire to be known [for anything] …”.  Now, Oswald Chambers was not God but he was a man who knew God.

So many of us, myself included, want to step out and “make Him known!” but we can’t do that until we really know Him.  We want to change the world, but we can’t accomplish anything unless, first, we are changed.

How do I know that I now “know” Him?  I think that it is when that is really all that is important to us.  Knowing Him is all that we pursue from that point on.

When we are truly changed because we finally know Him, we will stand back and understand that it is all He ever wanted from us.  He created us to know Him.  That’s when we will start making Him known without even realizing it.  One day we will look around and realize that because we knew Him others do too.

knowing3We will make Him known by being known by Him.

Sounds like a true riddle or mystery doesn’t it?!

Honestly, it is really very simple.

If my heart is right, patience, not action is the true requirement!

Love and blessings to you today



About Rhonda

Let me introduce myself to you who may not know who I am...I am an artist, writer, blogger, born again follower of Jesus Christ (I pursue Him on an ongoing basis with passion), I am a recovering codependent, survivor of childhood and adulthood domestic violence, an empty nester who still has a LOT of life to live and a LOT more places to go before I stop, the wife to Mr. John, mother, grandmother and I have a passion for being a part of the process of getting preschoolers ready for the rest of their lives! I have probably left something out but that's ok.
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2 Responses to Do I know?

  1. I like the motto: “To Know God and Make Him Known” To know his voice and heart beat, and to follow his direction. So Awesome to hear him speak to us. Thank you for sharing here with us at “Tell Me a Story.”

  2. EvieJo says:

    Many people and agencies spout off this motto, and many use it as one of their mottos, but I don’t think a lot of us actually know what it means! 🙂

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