About this blog…

In this blog I will be discussing my own road to recovery.  My personal story is on the page “About me…….” and my story is also an ongoing saga of my recovery in this maze of finding what works for me.

My perspective is a very simple one.  We are all individuals who are created by God therefore all of our stories will be a little different.  The hand of God in all of our lives is the common thread that links us all together.  Some of us have stories that are not as ugly as the stories of others.  All that I can really share is my personal journey, my personal perspective as to what has worked for me.

My own personal journey has been a series of climbing mountains to new levels of recovery and reaching plateaus where I get a proper perspective of the mountains that I have climbed so far.  Sometimes I will camp out on that plateau for a while and bask in the peace that I have found but there always comes the time that I start the journey again and I will then reach the next mountain to climb and will begin the ascent to the next plateau.

Many times I have stepped off of the plateau and plummeted until something below me has caught my fall.  Then I have to start an ascent up the same mountain that I have climbed once again.  Sometimes I slip or lose my footing while climbing, only to climb the same path over and over again until I find the sure footing that I need.

Just a warning, I will not get into doctrinal or theological discussions.  I believe that all have a different perspective because we are all unique individuals.  I will not allow condemnation on this blog in any way and quite often there are those who have to be “legalistically correct”.

My views of God come from my own interpretation of the “Holy Bible” and I am a graduate from a renowned bible school in the “bible belt” with a Bachelor Degree in Practical Theology specializing in Children’s and Family Ministry.

My purpose is for encouragement to you.  I am only sharing what has worked for me.

I have used many tools in my life to get to where I am today and I have NOT arrived!  I never will.

Finally, more than likely, I believe that my blog will primarily minister to women on their own road to recovery in lieu of men only because I am a woman.

Love and blessings to all of you and I wish you a very satisfying and fulfilling journey on your own “mountain-climbing”  expeditions!



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