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Sparkling Surprises after things Fall Apart

Granddaughter #3 is visiting this month.  I am so thankful for it because there was a time when I did not know if I would ever see several of my grandchildren again. This has been exciting, life giving and at … Continue reading

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Going in a different direction…while still “Climbing the Mountains”

Two years ago, I started this blog and I have never regretted it.  Sometime in the past month, the blog achieved its 10,000th hit and counting.  I am not saying that this is epic or anything, but it is a … Continue reading

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Stopping to smell the roses…(a hard thing to do)

I have a friend who is pregnant with her fourth child, the baby who is due  in a few days will be her third son and all three sons will be under age four for a short period of time…I … Continue reading

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fragments, tying up loose ends and a few other thoughts…

In the past week I have started four posts.  With each new beginning I have gotten so deeply into the content of the post that I would turn my computer off at the end of the day fully intending to edit … Continue reading

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Being silly about growing Old[er]

So, Please bear with me today because I am being a little silly.  I’ve been thinking about this for a little while so I’m just going to go ahead and post it! The first time I read this poem, I … Continue reading

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