Dear Reader of this Blog,

Just a personal note to say that I, in no way, consider myself or this blog an alternative for professional counseling.  I am NOT a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor or pastor and do not claim to be an expert in these areas, so please do not take anything I say as advice from a professional.

This blog is only meant to share experience, strength and hope by sharing stories and testimonies of people who have overcome difficult situations.

When I share my opinion, that is exactly what it is.  My opinion.

The things that I share are the things that have worked for me and other people who I know and know of.  I cannot make your decisions for you, only you can do that.

The information that I share is for you to mull over and possibly learn from.  It is up to you to decide if anything I share may be something that could work for you!

Blessings to you and may you find your way!



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