Resources (tools that have helped me)…

You may be having a difficult time working through all of the garbage of your past.  Please be encouraged by knowing that God is in control and He only wants good things for you.  The road to recovery from your past is going to be a personal one for you that is also custom designed just for you!  It is different for everyone.

Anyone can share with you what has worked for them and what they have seen work for others.  Not everything that has worked for someone else will work for you and things that work for you may not work for someone else.

Here is a small list of resources that have assisted me in my road to recovery.  I am still traveling, though, into new territory every day and being confronted with new issues.

Something to keep in mind, also, is that although there are some who are instantly delivered and never experience any problems again, most of us have to go through a long recovery or healing period.  You also may want to keep in mind that part of the recovery process is helping others along the way who are on that same road to recovery as you are.  Most of them will be your companions for a while but you will eventually part ways because your directions will change.

I want to ask you not to give up.  Keep going.  Just like the ebb and flow of a tide, so will your healing/recovery be.


Your pastor

If you are looking for healing I would suggest that the first thing that you do would be to go to your pastor about your individual situation and ask for prayer and direction.  Your pastor may have suggestions for you that your own personal church or denomination offers.  I believe that you should always try to go in the direction that your own church leadership gives, first.

I will say this though.  Many churches are still very backwards in their resources for these types of issues.  If the direction that your pastor gives you is not satisfactory, you must seek God and trust Him in leading you through ideas and circumstances to the help that is right for you.

Do not settle for unsatisfactory help.  There is help out there that is exactly right for you.  God wants to see you completely healed.

Author-Ken Freeman (

                “Free Me To Live”

This study is a very intense, soul searching study of yourself and your own spiritual state.  It covers all areas of abuse and dysfunction and can be applied to anyone’s life who is seeking recovery from a Christian standpoint.  I believe that it is most effective in a gender specific small group setting.  Some of the material is sensitive but thorough.  The strength of the study is built on group trust and giving testimony about sensitive things that God may lay on our hearts while going through the study.  It also ends with a retreat that is focused on healing.

The material that is covered in this study can be used over and over again to deal with problems in your life that would crop up.

This was the first bible study that I went through in my quest for recovery.  After I was a student I became a helper and then a facilitator of this study many years ago.  Each time I went through it again as a helper and facilitator I was brought to a new level of my own healing.

Gateway Church (

                “Freedom Ministries”


This ministry is a part of Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas.  What is so unique about them is that they offer a state of the art 2 day conference by the name of “Kairos” twice a year and it is totally free of charge with no strings attached.  It covers many aspects of recovery and deliverance and is very professionally done.  The speakers are professional and several are licensed and trained professionals.

People from all over the U.S. come to this conference to receive healing and to glean from what Gateway is doing in order to start their own form of healing ministry.  It is well worth spending the 2 days that you spend with them.  I went to “Kairos” at the beginning of this year and along with a lot of excellent instruction, I received a professionally printed notebook to follow along with their planned curriculum and take notes.

I commend this church for their investment in this ministry.  They are well ahead of most churches in the area of healing ministry.  God’s gifts are free and I agree with them that when ministering God’s gifts to others it is best not to charge money.  This church goes over and above in carrying out this philosophy.  I believe that God is rewarding them for this.

12-Step Anonymous programs (i.e.-AA, NA, Al Anon, OA, ACOA,etc.)

Find them in the telephone book or online.

These programs are free of charge and you can remain anonymous.  Their meetings and their literature is very helpful to those of us who need to learn how to live emotionally and spiritually balanced lives.  Some of the topics that they deal with are topics that Christians are skittish about dealing with but they are topics that need to be dealt with in a Godly, emotionally healthy way.

I have a lot of Al Anon’s literature and I read from it often.  It helps me keep balance in my life.  Sometimes I think that I have outgrown it and will put it all away only to get it back out again in order to deal with the addicts in my life whom I love very much but just don’t know how to love and still keep boundaries up in order to protect myself.

I have a lot of addicts in my life.  My ex-husband was an alcoholic who brought me into contact with a lot of other alcoholics, addicts and codependent people.  Nightmarishly, more than one of my own children is an active alcoholic and/or addict.

Addicts need a lot of love but they can also suck the life out of you.  You are not doing anyone a favor by allowing this to happen.  Al Anon can help teach you how to live a balanced life with God in control.  I have learned through Al Anon that taking care of me in all areas of my life (emotional, spiritual and physical) is the most important thing I can do when I am trying to love an addict.

Taking care of me also includes not allowing myself to be used or abused by the addict.

Al Anon has also helped me deal with other issues in my family of origin by setting boundaries that are healthy for me.

Author-Tim Sledge

                “Making Peace With Your Past” (part 1 of a 2 part study)

                “Moving Beyond Your Part” (part 2 of a 2 part study)


This is a series of 2 small group studies that can be purchased through  Instructional and informative, they are very useful in educating you and helping you pinpoint where your deepest issues lie and why they lie there.

Beth Moore Bible Studies

Every Beth Moore Bible Study I have done has had an impact on my life.  Her studies are characterized by intensity and thoroughness.  If you do one of her studies I would suggest that you do it with a group because of the hard work that you have to do to keep up.  Being accountable to other people will help you keep up.  They can be purchased through  Although they are hard work, you will reap a lifetime of benefit every time you complete one of her studies.

These are three of her studies that I have been through:
“Breaking Free”

“David:  Seeking a Heart Like His”

“Believing God:  Experiencing a Fresh Explosion of Faith”

Individual counselor/therapist:

There are certain issues that you may want to address with an individual counselor.  There are many counselors out there to choose from.  Again, you are a unique individual and you need a counselor who fits with you comfortably.  This counselor should have the same spiritual beliefs as you.  That way you are on the same page at all times.  I would also suggest that a woman should get a female counselor and vice versa for a man.

Going this route can be a little expensive but keep in mind that this is the way that they make their living.  Another plus is that counseling is one on one and confidential.  If you have to spend money on this, it will be well worth it, and I will say again make sure that the counselor is one that you “click” with.

I have seen an individual counselor at different times in my life and it was very beneficial.  I still see her on occasions when I run up against difficult situations that I need confidential, honest and sound advice from a Godly, spirit filled perspective.  We have developed a relationship and mutual respect for one another.  I don’t mind paying the money for the peace of mind and spirit that I receive from her counsel.

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