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Do you remember the first Thursday of April, 2013?

Today is Thursday, April 03, 2014. Do you remember what you were doing exactly one year ago at this time? Do you remember what you were doing 27 years ago on this day? I do! One year ago, it was … Continue reading

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What I did (this time) when I felt like giving up….

I have been working through some things over the last few weeks.  Current things. First of all, about 3 weeks ago I finally faced the fact that I was really “burnt out”.  I had been trying to do too much.  … Continue reading

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Do I know?

The mission agency that we completed a phase of training with has a motto: “To Know God and Make Him Known” I keep going back to this very simple phrase and looking at it because it is where God keeps … Continue reading

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A piece of my heart…

Just want to share my newest painting… I laid all of my painting aside for 2 years thinking that I would never go back to it, but during the training and “heart surgery” that we have been through the last … Continue reading

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ramblings, wonderings, while resting

Unpacking, making plans for our home as far as where to put things, where to hang things, resting, reconnecting with family and friends…we have had a busy week.  Amidst all of our activity, we are also still resting.  We will … Continue reading

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What is the most important thing?

And what is the most important thing? Though I speak with the tongues of angels, if I do not have love I am nothing…when I was a child I spoke as a child but now I am a man and … Continue reading

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Squeezing the ME out of ME

Have you ever stepped into or been thrown into an environment that made you leave your own worries behind and force you to think of only which direction the next step is going? Mr. Joe and I gladly stepped into … Continue reading

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